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  Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo - 12 oz
Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
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Size: 12 oz

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Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is formulated to increase the blood flow to the scalp while helping to balance the pH of the hair and scalp. Perfect for ALL hair types.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is a low-foaming, antibacterial shampoo, specially created to repair and revitalize your hair and scalp. Representing the element of Fire, this shampoo works to stimulate the scalp, increase blood flow, and restore your hair and scalp to a healthy pH. This shampoo will increase the activity of the sebaceous glands to flush out debris, oil build-up, and unhealthy bacteria.

This natural shampoo is raw and filled with the most pure, hand-picked ingredients, making it great for all hair types. Our most clarifying shampoo—this is perfect for dealing with chemical build-up from commercial products. For best results, we suggest rotating all 5 shampoos.

All MM Shampoos are raw, vegan, wild-crafted, gluten-free and low-sudsing.


RawCruelty FreeVeganMade In USASoy FreeGluten FreeNo SLSNo GMOs

I’m new to Morrocco Method, where do I start?

Welcome, and congratulations on choosing raw, chemical-free hair care—you have come to the right place for purity! We suggest rotating all 5 shampoos (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Ether) to get the best results from MM products.

The Healthy Hair Starter Package is the perfect way to get started on your healthy hair journey. With trial/travel sizes of all our shampoos and conditioners, this package also includes MM Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel and Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy. This package will allow you to find a "favorite" product, rotate all 5 shampoos, and even experiment with all MM conditioners!

Please be aware of the detox process your hair may experience when switching to chemical free hair care like MM.

How often should I rotate the shampoos?

All 5 MM Shampoos are meant to be rotated each time you wash your hair, however often this may be. You can also rotate the shampoos according to the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting, using a specific set on a beneficial day for your particular hair goal.

What is the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting?

The Lunar Chart, is a specialized calendar created by Anthony Morrocco, Hair Shaman and creator of Morrocco Method. It coordinates the moon, the sun, the equinoxes and solstices to show you the best times to cut based on your hair goal. Each goal— Lengthen, Strengthen, Beautify, Thicken and Root Work — has a specific package associated with it to boost the impact of your cut.

Learn more about the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting.

How much shampoo/conditioner do I need to wash my hair?

For shoulder length hair, we recommend a quarter-sized dollop of either the shampoo or conditioner. Because our products have no lathering agent in them, it may be strange and different at first trying to wash your hair with it. If mixed with a little bit of water before hand, it may be easier to spread through hair.

Why do I need to shampoo twice?

A perfect shampoo is achieved in two parts. The first shampooing cleanses hair and scalp of dirt, dead cells, and dust — which would otherwise be massaged back into the hair, scalp, and follicle openings if only shampooed once. This clogging debris could retard new hair growth and severely damage the oil glands, upsetting the natural hair fall and reproductive cycles of your hair.

The second shampooing and massage of your clean hair and scalp stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp and opens the hair follicles, allowing the blood vessels to feed each root, bulb, and hair shaft, nourishing the entire follicle and activating the sebaceous (oil) glands. This ensures the proper lubrication and distribution of your own natural oils to the entire scalp and hair shafts. A natural coating of oil is vital to the maintenance of a healthy scalp and hair.

Since there isn't any foam, how do I get the shampoo through my hair?

Morrocco Method Shampoos are incredibly concentrated and sometimes it can be tough making sure the shampoo is getting to your scalp and really cleansing — especially with thicker hair. We suggest diluting your shampoo in a smaller bottle with 50% shampoo and 50% water. Then, pour the mixture all over you head and massage into your scalp. You'll be able to make sure your scalp is getting the raw nutrients from the shampoos, plus it's the perfect time for a scalp massage.

I have some allergies, how can I be sure MM is safe for me?

Our products are created with allergy sensitivities in mind, and contain absolutely no chemicals. However if you have a specific plant allergy, please read the ingredients listed on each product page before purchasing.

What is in MM products?

All MM products are made with pure plant botanicals and are soy-free, coconut-free (with the exception of the coconut soap), chemical-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and raw. The FULL ingredient list for each product is listed on the respective product page.

  • You know that old saying, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"? Well, how true it is! I have been using MM about 3 months now and recently waited too long to re-order. OH MY GOD......I will never do that again! During this week w/o all these products, my hair immediately became dull, flat, thin feeling and very, very dry. I was about to go insane waiting for my shipment. Today, it arrived and not a moment too soon. I shampooed three times (couldn't help myself) and a generous dousing of both conditioning mists. In an instant my hair completely revived! And I'm not exaggerating! For anyone out there who is skeptical of MM, all you need to do is try the products a while and then go without, and just watch what happens to your hair. Thank you, thank you! I have finally found something healthy and nourishing for my hair. After all these years, I can't believe it. And I just realized, MM is something I cannot and will not live without. -tbonesrex

    I finally found the lost key to my whole health environment and it was my hair. The Morrocco Method has helped me revitalize my scalp and now I am enjoying a magnificent full-bodied head of hair. -Sybil

    My hair is thicker. It feels fuller. It has really come in on top. Spring has sprung It's great not to have all that hair on the pillow in the morning . And it is so simple. There is no reason not to do it. You just need a little bit of the Morrocco Method Shampoo & Conditioners. 30 days and the results have been 100% stop hair thinning its simple and natural. -Rodney

    Since starting with the Morrocco Method my hair is so healthy and beautiful . Not only has hair care become simplicity itself, but in the three years that I have been using the Morrocco Method hair care line all I get are compliments from women and admiring looks from men. Self-styling hair that only needs me to brush and go in the interim - another time saver. -Nell Schaefer

  • The Morrocco Method and its natural hair care products have stimulated my scalp and made it stronger and resistant to hair loss. The change in the thickness and volume of my hair is amazing . I just can't get over how well the whole system worked for me. It's just tremendous. -Ellen
  • I am very chemically sensitive. I decided to try to Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. I absolutely love it. My head doesn't itch anymore. And it doesn't smell like perfume even though there are essential oils in it. Even some organic essential oil scents bother me. This is a wonderful product. I will be trying some of the others soon. -Gail
  • When I first discovered the Morrocco Method, my hair was like baby hair due to health problems. It was thinning and looked extremely unhealthy. This system is amazing. My hair is now thicker than it was then, and is continuing to get thicker, and actually looks alive. My whole perception of myself is so much more positive it's astounding. And the best part is it's so easy to do.-Lesley Schiedow
  • Before using 100% natural hair care products, I had to wash my hair every day because it would look flat and greasy. I have always had very fine hair that was stringy and unmanageable. Since I have been using the Morrocco Method products my hair has improved light years from where it was. -JoAnn

    The Morrocco Method is perfect for the whole family and effective at any age . Having had great success with the Morrocco Method Hair Care Products ourselves, my husband and I decided to use the system on our son. He was born with wispy, fine hair, which was growing very slowly. I gave him his first haircut at 20 months and followed the Morrocco Method precisely, and now at 30 months, he has beautiful, thick, healthy hair. It's very exciting to know he's off to such a fantastic beginning, and we're thrilled he will always enjoy great hair. -Cindy

  • I was so depressed because life was going all downhill with my hair and now using the Morrocco Method Products through shampooing and conditioning these wonderful Natural Products have brought my hair back to its youthful appearance. -Katie
  • It has been a year now from using the Morrocco Method hair care products. And I have a really beautiful head of hair. The quality, texture, and quantity are all improved. These products are worth every dollar spent. I have never been so happy with my hair before. -Mary

    When my hair started to thin, about 20 years ago, I earnestly began looking into natural and effective ways of saving my scalp. From my extensive research into optimum wellness, I know the most positive results come from programs which emphasize self-help techniques . For me, educating participants so they can competently share in the triumph of their own hair growth is the core as well as the joy of the Morrocco Method. -Larry

    The Morrocco hair care products are the best I've ever used. I'm definitely HOOKED . Thank you so very much. -Cynthia

    After only four months of using the Morrocco Method hair care products my hair felt silkier, I noticed less split ends, and it looked fabulous and absolutely vibrant . I had tried for years to grow my hair long, but it would stop at a certain length. Since using the Morrocco Method, I have now attained the length I have always desired. -Bonnie

  • We Love your shampoos and all of your products here at the clinic. And would like to share them with all of our patients. The natural ingredients make the beautiful results even more exciting. A shampoo that's good for you and makes your hair look great . Thanks. -Debbie
  • Never before has my hair & scalp been so healthy since I started using Morrocco Method products. And I can't live without them. -Cynthia

    During menopause, my naturally fine, limp hair became so thin that I began perming, streaking and blow drying my hair to give it more apparent fullness. I soon tired of that and discovered your method of shampooing, brushing and massaging the scalp. Now, I'm enjoying watching my hairline filling and thickening. Thank you for making it possible for me to be free and have thicker, healthier hair. I am truly inspired, motivated and happy. -Adelaide

    The Morrocco Method Hair products have Transformed my hair in just three weeks. It's now Alive with good texture, sheen and bright color. It feels and looks so much better, coming from dull, drab, dead looking to Alive and Vibrant again. You are truly doing a great service to us all with your new shampoos and method. -Dee

    My hair began to fall out in clumps because of a scalp disorder. I tried all kinds of treatments and ultimately my physician (medical doctor) recommended the Morrocco Method . 13 months later, my hair has re-grown 90% and my self-confidence 110%. -Angela

  • After going through chemotherapy, my doctors were amazed that I did not loose any hair. I know its because of my using Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners. No hair loss and still looking great. My hair was so thin and now it's so thick. I'm convinced it's Morrocco Method shampoo. Thank you. -Gloria
  • The first time I used the Morrocco Method I was amazed at how fast it worked and the difference was immediate. It shined. More volume. A huge difference and it combed better. All cream rinses are too soft and leave hair limp and lifeless. It's perfect. I'm very impressed. -Connie

    I've found the Sea Essence and Apple Cider Vinegar shampoos to be excellent for makeup removal. They passed my test with flying colors. The Earth Essence is a wonderful morning wash. It soothes and smoothes. Any one of the shampoos makes a terrific body wash as well. Just put some on your loofah and go. God bless you for creating such superb, multi-use products. -Betsy

  • I've been using the Morrocco Method for almost two years. In this time, I've developed a love affair with my hair and scalp, like one I could have never imagined. I always had a short bob because I thought I could never grow my hair long. I now have long, beautiful, nourished, alive hair. -Ann
  • Since I have used Morrocco Method's shampoo, my hair has never looked so good or been so manageable. -David

    I like the shampoos very much. They almost seem alive, they are so full of nutrients. Thank you for these fine products! -Karen

  • Heaven sent your styling products, that are healthy for the scalp, hair and soul. Transformation of my scalp and hair. couldn't live with out them,or if they didn't exist I would shave my head. The purest and best shampoos in the world. Way ahead of their time. -Aaron
  • I LOVE your products. I'm very impressed with your product's results with my hair. Euro is a beautiful oil. The Morrocco Method shampoos are hands down the greatest shampoos I've EVER used. Again thank you very much. Your products are true gift. -Chris

    I have been using your shampoos and conditioners just since last Thursday, and I see a difference already. My hair is shinier and looks thicker. (How is this possible?). Thanks again for being willing to share your secrets. -Pat

    Thank you. I have many friends that are all natural, including myself, but your product so far has really surpassed all others I've tried. I'm sure after they see what your product has done for me, they'll be on board. I have very dry, naturally curly, hair. It's hard to get products that let the curl be natural and not weight down the rest. Thanks again. -Racheal

  • I absolutely love your products and use them on my face and body as well. LOVE IT! I love the way it leaves my skin with a fresh, dewy glow. Love it, love it, love it. You are the best! Talk to you soon. -Rose

    I have been using your products for several months now and I am happy to report that I love them all. Thank you for your wonderful products. Please keep up the good work! -Ann

  • Just a note to let you know that I used the Henna Auburn to cover my highlights, Then I used the Henna Brown to get back to my Brunette color, I am thrilled with your product, I also used your shampoo and Conditioner, I want to Thank you for your Quality products. You have won me for a customer. -Lizzy
  • Thank you for you wonderful products. I am a 30 y.o female and thought that there was nothing I could do to re-grow my hair. Thanks to you I realize that there is a lot that can be done. God bless. -Gretta

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