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  Colorless Henna for Conditioning
Neutral - Colorless Henna for Conditioning
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Before purchasing henna, please note:

  • Henna is a 100% natural product and is alive and active. It will not act like chemical color. Results will vary from person to person. You must follow the instructions exactly.
  • Wait 12 weeks after dying, highlighting or bleaching hair before using henna.
  • Henna will not lighten hair. You can go darker, red, or cover gray.
Five Elements Henna is the only truly natural way to color and condition your hair at the same time. Henna is made from the powdered leaves of the desert shrub, Lawsonia. Henna contains hannatannic acids. When mixed with hot tea water, it coats the hair, seals in the natural oils, and tightens the cuticle, all of which gives your hair a rich, healthy shine.
Our entire line of Henna products is made exclusively with Lawsonia inermis. However, our Black Henna is the one exception to this rule. In addition to the leaves of Lawsonia inermis, we add the bark of of this same plant, as well as Indigo leaf and stalk. Indigo is a natural shrub in the legume family.
Morrocco Method Intíl Henna will appeal to anyone, whether theyíre simply trying to change their look, cover gray hair, or wish or need to avoid harsh, chemical toxins. Plus, it is the only environmentally-friendly hair coloring product.
A popular misconception is that applying henna will give your hair either an orange or reddish tint. This is not true. Morrocco Method Natural Henna consists of 7 colors, all derived from three basic shades: red, black, and neutral (colorless). It is the combination of these three shades, in varying proportions, that creates the dazzling array of truly natural Morrocco Method International Henna.
Each shade will look slightly different on each individual. Our henna works subtly and will bring out the best in your natural hair color. Of course, for the adventurous, each color can be mixed with others to create new shades. Feel free to experiment until you find the perfect combination and shade for you and your crowning glory!

The 7 shades of Morrocco Method International Hennas that we have created for you are:
Neutral (colorless) Red, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, and Marigold Blonde
Here is a summary of some important facts about using Morrocco Method International Henna:
  • Morrocco Method International Henna can be used to color, create highlights, even cover gray.
  • Choose 2 or more of our colors to create subtle, multi-hued highlights.
  • Marigold Blonde may be our most versatile henna (next to Neutral). Use it to warm up or soften chemical highlights, get a natural blonde sun streaking effect on gray, white, or light blonde hair, or tone down color that is too brassy.
  • When used by itself, our Neutral (colorless) Henna will give your hair body, thickness, and a shiny, conditioned effect.
  • Every shade of Morrocco Method Henna is a high quality hair conditioner.
  • Morrocco Method Henna will not bleach or lighten your hair, you can go darker, red, or cover gray.
  • Morrocco Method Henna is completely color-safe; you can use it on dyed, bleached, relaxed, or sun-streaked hair. BUT, wait at least 12 weeks before using Henna after dying or bleaching your hair.
  • After applying, Morrocco Method Henna will continue to coat and color hair for 72 hours. It is important to avoid shampooing your hair during this time to make sure the color sets completely.
  • After a single application, the color may last in your hair for up to 3 months.
  • Our Zen Detox will enhance your color, not fade it.
  • Morrocco Method Henna can be used as often as desiredóthere is no risk of overuse.
How to Use MM Henna - You will need the following materials and supplies:
non-metallic (glass or wood) mixing bowl
wooden spoon
rubber gloves
plastic or saran wrap
Henna (see below for types and amounts)
Pre-made tea water: Bring two cups of water to a boil. Add tea bag and simmer for 15 minutes. Use 1 black tea bag for dark brown to black hair, or 1 green tea bag for blonde to light brown hair. For even better results, after letting the tea simmer, squeeze in the juice from half of a fresh lemon, a pinch of sea salt, and a teaspoon of plain, unflavored yogurt. Let the water sit until it is warm before mixing with henna.
For your first application, we suggest applying a lighter shade of your desired color. Morrocco Method Henna only coats the hairóit does not penetrate the hair follicle like chemical dyes. So when using henna, you can always go darker, but not lighter.
Now, if you wish to go darker, wait another 72 hours (so the henna can fully saturate and coat your hair). The darker henna shade can adhere to the coating from the previous application. Repeat the process a third time with your desired (darker) shade.
For example, if you wish to color your hair medium brown, we would suggest using a mixture that is half medium brown and half light brown for your first application. Then, you can add more medium brown and less light brown to gradually go darker.
How Much Henna to Use:
For fine, short hair: use 4 tablespoons
For fine, shoulder length hair: use 6 tablespoons
For thick, shoulder length hair: use 8 tablespoons
For very long or very thick hair: use 10 to 12 tablespoons
How to Prepare Henna:
Place henna in the glass or wooden bowl. Gradually add warm tea water to henna, stirring until the mixture reaches the consistency of skin cream. It should not be too watery; you want it thick enough so it wonít run when applying. You can also add a teaspoon of Euro Oil or any good oil to the mixture so the henna will rinse out easier and tangle your hair less.
In order to achieve a stronger, deeper, and longer lasting color, let the henna sit for 8 to 12 hours before applying to ensure that the dye releases.
A Step-By-Step General Guide to Applying Your Henna:
Although this process requires much less maintenance than regular, chemical dyes, you will get far better results if your hair is properly prepared. Here are some tips:
Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Henna is most effective when applied to dry hair.
Timing is key. The longer you leave henna on hair, the more intense and dramatic the final shade will be. For a deep, dramatic effect, leave the henna in for 2 to 4 hours. If you want a lighter and more subtle color, a shorter processing time of 30-60 minutes is recommended.
Basic Henna Application:
- Have saran wrap handyócut a piece the length of your arm and put aside. When youíre finished with the application, youíll wrap the saran wrap around your hair so your own body heat will work with the henna (instead of sitting under one of those hair dryers that only damage hair!).
- With your gloves on, apply the henna mixture to your dry hair. You can use your fingers or a small paint brush for this step. This can get messy, so always work over a sink or in a bathtub/shower. You might also want to lay down newspapers and wrap an old towel around your shoulders. If the weather permits it, applying the henna outside would be ideal.
- Divide your hair into four sections. As you part each section of hair, apply henna directly to roots and new hair growth areas first. Then, massage the rest of the henna into through the rest of your hair.
- Cover your hair with the saran wrap to seal in natural body heat.
- Leave in for 2 to 4 hours. (Remember: a longer time will result in a more saturated and deeper shade.)
- Unwrap hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water to rinse henna from hair. Do not shampoo the henna out. Henna is most easily removed in the bath. Add a few drops of Euro Oil to the warm water or massage a few drops through your hair to detangle. Submerge your head in the bathwater and gently massage the henna out. This can also be accomplished using a sink full of water. Rinsing your hair in the shower is a third option, but this takes a little longer to remove the henna particles. The effect of the henna will become more noticeable after the hair is dry. Your hair will be brighter, shinier, and more luxurious.
- For maximum color and sheen, DO NOT SHAMPOO for at least 24 hours. It is important to wait and give the henna a chance to fully saturate and coat the hair shafts.
- The color will begin to fade in 8 to 12 weeks. To maintain your desired hair color, you can reapply every 72 hours if you desire. Because Morrocco Method Henna is so conditioning, there is no risk of overuse. More applications will only make color and hair stronger and more vibrant.
- For minor touch-ups along your hairline, simply prepare a small amount of your MM henna and spread on your hairline, leaving it on for 45 to 120 minutes.
Step One: Again for FIRST TIME USERS choose the lighter shade and apply, let sit for 2 hours and rinse. after 72 hours or longer reapply and repeat.
Step Two: (COLOR)
When mixing your color start with 50% your natural color and 50% next ligher color. For example you have short brown hair and will be using a total of 4 tablespoons of henna. You would then mix 2 tablespoons of dark brown henna (your natural color) with 2 tablespoons of medium brown henna (the next lighter color) You can always go darker on the next application.
Leave on for 60 to 120 minutes before rinsing.
REPEAT this 2 step process for THREE consecutive times to create a Deep, Rich color.
(Remember: It is easier to go darker than trying to get lighter. You can always go darker, so use a lighter shade first, then gradually increase the darker shade until you achieve the desired effect in color. If this process does not work then you will need to use RED HENNA. First as a filler and then, the desired color thus allowing more build up. Follow the two step process - see below
Applying Henna for Browns or Black with 30% or more gray coverage:
Add your base color to the red henna. Use a ratio of 1/4 red to 3/4 base hair color when mixing henna. For example, lets say you have long, thick medium brown hair. Then mix 3/4 medium brown henna with 1/4 red henna. So I would mix 2 tablespoons of red henna with 8 tablespoons of medium brown henna. Leave on for 120 minutes or longer. If this does not cover the grey then next application use Natural Red Henna Only. This two step process is only necessary if all of the above does not cover your grey.
Follow with Step Two (Color) as previously described above.
Applying Henna to Blonde Hair. For fair hair,including 30% gray or more...
use a single-step application of your chosen color. Leave in for 120 minutes.
For a sunstreaking effects...
This is easy for grey or white hair will hold any shade of MM Henna and simply apply our MM Marigold Blonde Henna. This will give all of the grey/white hairs a pale blonde color and will not color ones darker natural hair color. Thus creating the most natural and evenly processed sunstreaking effect that no hairdresser can achieve otherwiseóits the ultimate in Sun Streaking ones hair.
We suggest MM Marigold Blonde Henna. For this effect we suggest leaving in for 120 minutes. this may be reapplied 3 times to get ones desired effects of light pale blonde or sunstreaking.
A Morrocco Method HENNA Virgin Tells all!
Iíve made up my mind. Iím due to get a touch-up as the gray is starting to show. Iíve decided to go completely natural. So, I say: ďGoodbye chemicals!Ē I opt for Morrocco Method Henna instead.
Iím feeling scared yet excited at the thought. It seems so bold, so risky. I have no idea how my hair is going to turn out. All Iíve heard about henna is that is turns hair orange. At least, there are many shades to pick from.
The big day has arrived. Iíve got the henna and a glass mixing bowl (metal is not recommendedÖIím not going against that advice!). Now, I need a wooden spoon, rubber gloves (I used latex gloves) and plastic wrap (that should be interesting).
I need to make some tea to mix with the henna. In my case, I use green tea since the henna is a light color. Making the tea shouldnít be too difficult. Iíve made tea before! So, I use 3 cups of water and boil the tea. Then, I let it simmer for 15 minutes. At the next step, I add the juice of Ĺ lemon and a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt. Do I need to let it cool down? It doesnít sayÖwell, the henna is a living plant so boiling it is probably not a good idea.
Okay, Iíll let the tea cool down. In the meantime, I get the henna ready. How much should I use? Since my hair is long, Iíll use 12 tablespoons. This way I wonít worry about running out before Iím done. That would not be good! As itís the first time I do anything like this, I might mess up.
Iíve got the henna waiting in my bowl. I check the tea. Itís warm. Okay whatís next? Time to mix. The directions say to add the tea gradually and stir until it has the consistency of a thick cream. What does that look like? Oh, and it also says that it is important that I properly mix it. OkayÖwhat will happen if I donít? Well, Iíve come this farÖmight as well continue! I start adding the tea water, a little bit at a time. After a while, it seems to be holding together and it is kind of like a cream. I guess itís ready. I let is sit for 2 hours so the color can intensify.
Finally, the moment I have been waiting for. I get to be my own hair color specialist. Hopefully, Iíll still think it was a good idea when I see the results!
I cut a long piece of plastic or saran wrap and set it aside.
I put on the gloves. Iíve chosen to apply the henna over the bathroom sink in case I make a mess. In case I make a mess? Like Iím not going too? Right! Plus there is a big mirror so I can see what Iím doing.
I wonder what technique works best to apply the henna evenly. I try to recall how Iíve seen hairdressers apply hair color. That doesnít help! Iíve never seen one use her fingers! Okay hennaÖitís just you and me! Iíll improvise. I settle on a wide tooth-comb and start parting my hair. The directions say to start at the crown of the head. I stick my finger in the henna. Itís like playing with mud! I take a big glob of the stuff and plop it on my scalp. I spread it as best I can careful not to pull on my hair with the gloves. I keep parting my hair and applying the henna. Not bad! Itís not as hard as I though it would be. Iím actually having fun being messy.
Eventually, I have covered the top of my head. I apply the henna to the rest of the head starting at the back and finishing with the hair. I use up all the henna. Now, I wrap the hair using the plastic wrap. I hope no one important decides to visit right now! Iíve decided to go for it and leave it on for two hours.
Two hours have passed and the moment of truth has arrived. I remove the plastic wrap. Now the fun partÖgetting all that stuff off my hair. As suggested, I opt for the bath method. I add a few drops of the Euro oil to the water and get in the tub. I dip my head in the water and start loosening up my hair. The water turns brown. I hope it doesnít stain! Eventually, my hair feels clean. Itís done! I let my hair dry.
Time to check out how it turned out. My hair feels thicker and silky soft. It has a very healthy sheen! Wow! I like it! It looks even better outdoors with the sun shining on it. I have all these highlights and they actually look natural. No more artificial hair color for me. From now on, Iím using Morrocco Method Henna and nothing else!
  • You know that old saying, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"? Well, how true it is! I have been using MM about 3 months now and recently waited too long to re-order. OH MY GOD......I will never do that again! During this week w/o all these products, my hair immediately became dull, flat, thin feeling and very, very dry. I was about to go insane waiting for my shipment. Today, it arrived and not a moment too soon. I shampooed three times (couldn't help myself) and a generous dousing of both conditioning mists. In an instant my hair completely revived! And I'm not exaggerating! For anyone out there who is skeptical of MM, all you need to do is try the products a while and then go without, and just watch what happens to your hair. Thank you, thank you! I have finally found something healthy and nourishing for my hair. After all these years, I can't believe it. And I just realized, MM is something I cannot and will not live without. -tbonesrex

    I finally found the lost key to my whole health environment and it was my hair. The Morrocco Method has helped me revitalize my scalp and now I am enjoying a magnificent full-bodied head of hair. -Sybil

    My hair is thicker. It feels fuller. It has really come in on top. Spring has sprung It's great not to have all that hair on the pillow in the morning . And it is so simple. There is no reason not to do it. You just need a little bit of the Morrocco Method Shampoo & Conditioners. 30 days and the results have been 100% stop hair thinning its simple and natural. -Rodney

    Since starting with the Morrocco Method my hair is so healthy and beautiful . Not only has hair care become simplicity itself, but in the three years that I have been using the Morrocco Method hair care line all I get are compliments from women and admiring looks from men. Self-styling hair that only needs me to brush and go in the interim - another time saver. -Nell Schaefer

  • The Morrocco Method and its natural hair care products have stimulated my scalp and made it stronger and resistant to hair loss. The change in the thickness and volume of my hair is amazing . I just can't get over how well the whole system worked for me. It's just tremendous. -Ellen
  • I am very chemically sensitive. I decided to try to Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. I absolutely love it. My head doesn't itch anymore. And it doesn't smell like perfume even though there are essential oils in it. Even some organic essential oil scents bother me. This is a wonderful product. I will be trying some of the others soon. -Gail
  • When I first discovered the Morrocco Method, my hair was like baby hair due to health problems. It was thinning and looked extremely unhealthy. This system is amazing. My hair is now thicker than it was then, and is continuing to get thicker, and actually looks alive. My whole perception of myself is so much more positive it's astounding. And the best part is it's so easy to do.-Lesley Schiedow
  • Before using 100% natural hair care products, I had to wash my hair every day because it would look flat and greasy. I have always had very fine hair that was stringy and unmanageable. Since I have been using the Morrocco Method products my hair has improved light years from where it was. -JoAnn

    The Morrocco Method is perfect for the whole family and effective at any age . Having had great success with the Morrocco Method Hair Care Products ourselves, my husband and I decided to use the system on our son. He was born with wispy, fine hair, which was growing very slowly. I gave him his first haircut at 20 months and followed the Morrocco Method precisely, and now at 30 months, he has beautiful, thick, healthy hair. It's very exciting to know he's off to such a fantastic beginning, and we're thrilled he will always enjoy great hair. -Cindy

  • I was so depressed because life was going all downhill with my hair and now using the Morrocco Method Products through shampooing and conditioning these wonderful Natural Products have brought my hair back to its youthful appearance. -Katie
  • It has been a year now from using the Morrocco Method hair care products. And I have a really beautiful head of hair. The quality, texture, and quantity are all improved. These products are worth every dollar spent. I have never been so happy with my hair before. -Mary

    When my hair started to thin, about 20 years ago, I earnestly began looking into natural and effective ways of saving my scalp. From my extensive research into optimum wellness, I know the most positive results come from programs which emphasize self-help techniques . For me, educating participants so they can competently share in the triumph of their own hair growth is the core as well as the joy of the Morrocco Method. -Larry

    The Morrocco hair care products are the best I've ever used. I'm definitely HOOKED . Thank you so very much. -Cynthia

    After only four months of using the Morrocco Method hair care products my hair felt silkier, I noticed less split ends, and it looked fabulous and absolutely vibrant . I had tried for years to grow my hair long, but it would stop at a certain length. Since using the Morrocco Method, I have now attained the length I have always desired. -Bonnie

  • We Love your shampoos and all of your products here at the clinic. And would like to share them with all of our patients. The natural ingredients make the beautiful results even more exciting. A shampoo that's good for you and makes your hair look great . Thanks. -Debbie
  • Never before has my hair & scalp been so healthy since I started using Morrocco Method products. And I can't live without them. -Cynthia

    During menopause, my naturally fine, limp hair became so thin that I began perming, streaking and blow drying my hair to give it more apparent fullness. I soon tired of that and discovered your method of shampooing, brushing and massaging the scalp. Now, I'm enjoying watching my hairline filling and thickening. Thank you for making it possible for me to be free and have thicker, healthier hair. I am truly inspired, motivated and happy. -Adelaide

    The Morrocco Method Hair products have Transformed my hair in just three weeks. It's now Alive with good texture, sheen and bright color. It feels and looks so much better, coming from dull, drab, dead looking to Alive and Vibrant again. You are truly doing a great service to us all with your new shampoos and method. -Dee

    My hair began to fall out in clumps because of a scalp disorder. I tried all kinds of treatments and ultimately my physician (medical doctor) recommended the Morrocco Method . 13 months later, my hair has re-grown 90% and my self-confidence 110%. -Angela

  • After going through chemotherapy, my doctors were amazed that I did not loose any hair. I know its because of my using Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners. No hair loss and still looking great. My hair was so thin and now it's so thick. I'm convinced it's Morrocco Method shampoo. Thank you. -Gloria
  • The first time I used the Morrocco Method I was amazed at how fast it worked and the difference was immediate. It shined. More volume. A huge difference and it combed better. All cream rinses are too soft and leave hair limp and lifeless. It's perfect. I'm very impressed. -Connie

    I've found the Sea Essence and Apple Cider Vinegar shampoos to be excellent for makeup removal. They passed my test with flying colors. The Earth Essence is a wonderful morning wash. It soothes and smoothes. Any one of the shampoos makes a terrific body wash as well. Just put some on your loofah and go. God bless you for creating such superb, multi-use products. -Betsy

  • I've been using the Morrocco Method for almost two years. In this time, I've developed a love affair with my hair and scalp, like one I could have never imagined. I always had a short bob because I thought I could never grow my hair long. I now have long, beautiful, nourished, alive hair. -Ann
  • Since I have used Morrocco Method's shampoo, my hair has never looked so good or been so manageable. -David

    I like the shampoos very much. They almost seem alive, they are so full of nutrients. Thank you for these fine products! -Karen

  • Heaven sent your styling products, that are healthy for the scalp, hair and soul. Transformation of my scalp and hair. couldn't live with out them,or if they didn't exist I would shave my head. The purest and best shampoos in the world. Way ahead of their time. -Aaron
  • I LOVE your products. I'm very impressed with your product's results with my hair. Euro is a beautiful oil. The Morrocco Method shampoos are hands down the greatest shampoos I've EVER used. Again thank you very much. Your products are true gift. -Chris

    I have been using your shampoos and conditioners just since last Thursday, and I see a difference already. My hair is shinier and looks thicker. (How is this possible?). Thanks again for being willing to share your secrets. -Pat

    Thank you. I have many friends that are all natural, including myself, but your product so far has really surpassed all others I've tried. I'm sure after they see what your product has done for me, they'll be on board. I have very dry, naturally curly, hair. It's hard to get products that let the curl be natural and not weight down the rest. Thanks again. -Racheal

  • I absolutely love your products and use them on my face and body as well. LOVE IT! I love the way it leaves my skin with a fresh, dewy glow. Love it, love it, love it. You are the best! Talk to you soon. -Rose

    I have been using your products for several months now and I am happy to report that I love them all. Thank you for your wonderful products. Please keep up the good work! -Ann

  • Just a note to let you know that I used the Henna Auburn to cover my highlights, Then I used the Henna Brown to get back to my Brunette color, I am thrilled with your product, I also used your shampoo and Conditioner, I want to Thank you for your Quality products. You have won me for a customer. -Lizzy
  • Thank you for you wonderful products. I am a 30 y.o female and thought that there was nothing I could do to re-grow my hair. Thanks to you I realize that there is a lot that can be done. God bless. -Gretta

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