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Customer Service Contact:
Please Review These Answers, Then Contact Us if You Still Have Questions

We greatly value you and are here to serve you and take care of anything you may need. Thank you so much!

Do you have a phone number?
We currently do not have an actively answered phone number, however you are welcome to leave us a voice message and we will follow up within our normal response time. Generally we will follow up with an email, however in some situations we will follow up with a phone call in response to your voice message. We are here to serve you, however we are generally not able to accept phone orders nor orders left on voice mail. If phone order is the only way please leave us your contact information and we will do our best call you back and take the order that way. The number is (307) 278-9532, however please refrain from using phone over email whenever possible. Email is absolutely best form of contact and we are readily available via email at to take care of absolutely anything you need with regards to Living Earth Beauty. Thank you for understanding as we are grateful for you and doing our absolute best to serve you!

Do you have samples? I want to try samples of _______ product.
No. Sadly none of our lines have samples for us, since they are mostly very small manufacturers. If they were available, we would love to offer them to you! There are some trial sets available, Click Here to take a look!

I can always order other sets for you (from ISUN only), as well, if you are looking for a specific set that we do not have in stock. Otherwise, the best option is to ask questions about specific products. Please direct your questions to:

Do you have a physical store?
We do not have a physical store - our retail presence is online only. All orders will ship from Arizona from our warehouse located at:
Living Earth Beauty
4468 S. Burma Ct.
Gilbert, AZ 85297

How much does Shipping cost?
To get a shipping quote, you can add items in your cart, click "proceed to checkout" or "login & checkout." Enter your shipping address, and then on the click on the 'show shipping options button' or choose your shipping options from the drop down menu in the "choose your shipping method" section order to determine the shipping cost before purchasing.

The Morrocco Method Henna didn't come with instructions! Where are they?
Please Click Here for full Henna use instructions and guidelines. Thank you!

Do the Ingredients Lists for all products include EVERY ingredient?
Yes! We are 'sticklers' for being fully aware and informed as to what is in every product, and therefore what is going onto or into our bodies! We provide a complete and full ingredients list for every product. On the product page for each product, to the right of DESCRIPTION, you will see 'Click HERE for Ingredients'. Click there to see the full ingredients list.

Are your products Vegan?
The majority of the products on our site are vegan and bee-free. We also do have a handful of products that contain bee products for the phenomenal benefit that bee products have. Any bee products that are in our products are ethically and lovingly harvested.

Can I place a phone order?
We cannot accommodate phone orders at this time. Please place your order on our fully secured site, and feel free contact us immediately via email if you have any trouble:

Is your website secure?
Yes! Living Earth Beauty's checkout is fully SSL secured via GeoTrust, and also verified PCI Compliant (required by Visa and Mastercard) by SecurityMetrics. So you can rest easy that your information is protected from fraudulent charges and identity theft. Sometimes certain browsers will not display the padlock, because the photos and logo displayed on the checkout page are hosted on a different server. However, this does not interact with the security of your personal information. You can click on the security badges near the bottom of the page here to verify our current certifications.

Do you ever have Sales or Special Promotions?
Yes, we do!

In order to be informed of current sales, discounts, or coupons, please enter your email address in the bottom left hand corner of this page and click 'Join Us'.
Also, find us on Facebook! We offer exclusive monthly discounts to our Facebook fans! Click on the blue f in the bottom left hand corner of this page to become a fan! :)

Do you have promotions or coupon codes you can offer me as a new or faithful customer?
Please read the following to discover the best way enjoy discounts on orders, and please do not email us to ask for promotion codes or coupons. Thank you so much!

In order to be informed of current sales, discounts, or coupons, please enter your email address in the bottom left hand corner of this page and click 'Join Us'.
Also, find us on Facebook! We offer exclusive monthly discounts to our Facebook fans! Click on the blue f in the bottom left hand corner of this page to become a fan! :)

My Coupon Code is not working. Can you please fix it?
During store-wide Sales, coupon codes will not be active. Coupon codes can be applied only to regular priced items, not items on sale. Any Coupon codes without an expiration date will be re-activated when store-wide sales are over. If there are any other reasons why your coupon code might not be working, please let us know by sending an email to Thank you!

Do you offer Wholesale Accounts or Distribute to Retail Stores?
We offer an affiliate commission to our affiliate partners - and we invite you to join us as an affiliate. This way, if your customers are interested in an expanded selection of products, you can send them to our site using your affiliate code and earn a commission on the sale - all without purchasing and stocking products! Here's where you can learn more and sign up: Affiliate Program

Please contact with any other questions.

Do you offer Private Label partnerships or products?
No, we do not.

Do you have a printed catalogue?
No, we do not.

I feel overwhelmed by the choices on your site. How do I choose?
We are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about the products or provide you with my products recommendations customized for you! Please send an email to with questions and all details about your skin and what you are looking for.

I have looking for this specific type of product, a cleanser, deodorant, etc, can you recommend one?
Of course! Email the details of what you are looking for to: I will respond with a recommendation.

I have questions about one or a few specific products. . .
Please email your questions to:

If Your Question is Still Unanswered, please Contact Us Here:

What happens when I send an email to you with a Customer Service inquiry?
We happily receiving and responding to your emails. Please allow 24 hours for a response. We are available to respond to your emails Monday through Friday only. If you send an email over the weekend, we will respond on the following Monday. To contact us for Customer Service please email:

Interested in being paid to promote our products? Please click here to join our Affiliate program.


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