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Exquisite Essential Oils

Our selection of organic essential oil blends from Living Libations are incredible beauty and health aids. They can be used for skin and hair, to help with digestion, serve as natural immune support, and assist the lymphatic system.

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DewDab - 5ml BeDew Dab - 5ml BeDew Dab - 15ml
JewelDab 5ml JewelDab - 15ml JewelDab - 30ml
Sandalwood Nut Oil Living Libations White Sage Essential Oil Living Libations Bedtime Story Diffuser Blend 5ml
Bedtime Story Diffuser Blend 15ml Bedtime Story Diffuser Blend 30ml Deep Breathing Diffuser Blend 5ml
Deep Breathing Diffuser Blend 15ml Deep Breathing Diffuser Blend 30ml Toast CASA Ultrasonic Diffuser
Zippity DewDab Zippity DewDab
Pomegranate Organic Oil - 15ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - 15ml Saw Palmetto Berry Essential Oil - 15ml
Frankincense First Aid - 5ml Tonic - 10ml Bliss Tonic - 10ml
Lemon Juice Essential Oil - 5ml Lime Essential Oil - 5ml Immune Illume - 5ml
Digest the Best - 5ml Lymph Tonic - 5ml Feeling Good Today - 5ml

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