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Organic Henna Hair Dye

Sadly we are no longer carrying the Morrocco Method Henna Hair Color at this time. We are in the works to bring on a new brand of the same pure quality. Please bear with us during this transition time.

Henna Coloring Table

Your Natural Hair Color
Black Dark Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Red Dark Blonde Medium Blonde
Shades that Henna will Create
Black Deep Black Black
Red Red highlight Dark Auburn Auburn Red Flame Red Flame Red
Dark Brown Warm Shine Highlight Shine Deep Brown
Medium Brown Warm Shine Highlight Shine Warm Medium Brown Red Brown Chestnut Red Brown Chestnut Chestnut
Light Brown Highlight Shine Light Brown Shine Warm Brown Warm Light Brown
Pale Blonde Gold Highlights Lighter Gold Brown Golden Red Brighter Gold Blonde Medium Gold Blonde
Colorless Shines and conditions. Your natural hair color seems brighter because hair has more shine.

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