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This is the perfect line for you if you want the highest quality ingredients, and want to keep it delightfully simple and profoundly pure. Based in England, Raw Gaia is the world's first line of living skin care products! These extremely nourishing and heavenly products are designed to meet the needs of your entire family. There are products especially for women, men, AND baby! Wow! What is really wonderful about Raw Gaia is that they also create many of their own raw ingredients, including premium quality cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and floral waters. This ethically crafted line also has relaxing and therapeutic products such as a delicious Raw Chocolate Bath Time Melt and a Bathtime Heaven Gift Set to pamper those special people in your life, including you! Raw Gaia uses the least ingredients in their products of any line I have ever seen – making each ingredient that much more full of purpose, intention, and care. It feels soothing and gentle to care for my body in such a pure, yet highly effective way. Mmmmmm. . . and they are aromatherapy heaven! ~Living Earth Beauty

Raw: unadulterated; unheated; in its natural state; alive Gaia: the Greek Goddess of the Earth; the planet as a single living organism Raw Gaia’s products are made using only cold-pressed, organic and vegan ingredients, infused with essential oils and floral waters of the finest quality. The products have wonderful skin moisturizing and uplifting qualities because they are absolutely pure, alive and made with the Earth's most nourishing and beautifying skin care ingredients, which are far more effective than any chemical or artificial moisturizers. Raw Gaia is one of the most ethical skin care companies you will find anywhere. All of their ingredients are organic, wild-crafted, certified vegan, fair-trade, and cruelty-free, and they have also carefully screened their suppliers to ensure they do not carry out tests on animals either.

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